My Journey into Felt Ease

As a sensitive child easily jolted by too much stimulation, whether inside or outside my family home, the place of my imagination became a go-to, Philadephia Therapist Elanah Naftaliget-away and my body became the safe refuge transporting me. Whether hanging upside down from a monkey bar for whimsical escape, or solitary play at the bottom of a swimming pool, the repeated practice of finding simple retreats built endurance for deep concentration and grit for facing physical challenges.

As an adult, I continue to use imagery, body sensation, and breath work to restore calm during turbulent times. These combined qualities have engaged me in a variety of learning and vocational paths calling on different kinds of intelligence and resilience. What I have discovered in my explorations are the varied ways of dipping into the vast well I call Felt Ease. 

After several career switches, I found my passion helping people connect with their own unique experiences of Felt Ease. At its best, it becomes a catalyst for motivating increased creativity and quality of life. In a way, I’ve been working at this same goal from different angles my entire career. Whether in my first role as a dietitian, or later as a health program evaluator and an interfaith chaplain, Felt Ease was my implicit foundation for emphasizing the importance of self-care. These career paths converged when I trained as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Felt Ease became my explicit focus.

Philadelphia PA Therapist Elanah Naftali - creek picMy practice is client-centered by definition; I honor your longings and goals as you seek to revitalize what’s precious in your life. Rather than follow prescribed guidelines for alleviating symptoms of pathological ailments, Felt Ease as a guiding principle reveals imaginative ways of achieving well being and lasting change. I get curious and excited whenever there’s a willingness to take a dive into the living well of Felt Ease.


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