Sexuality can be a source of joyful connection, except when unresolved stuff leaves us feeling alone and discouraged by repeat disappointments. I help by exposing the negative cycle that keeps partners stuck and ideally, restore safety, balance, and a refreshed way of connecting sexually. If showing up fully and honestly as your best Self is challenging and overwhelming, feel supported as you explore these vulnerable places. Deepening into our fears and discomforts can spark hopeful changes for partners learning new ways of being intimate.

“What turns you on?” and “What shuts you down?” …a classic approach for probing the heart of most couple’s conversations. I take this exploration a step further by noticing how you receive physical sensation and offer it back to your partner. This is a mindful approach for staying connected in our bodies, while allowing space for individual sexual fantasies or preferences to surface. By holding a dual awareness of your internal experiences and your physical connectedness to your partner, you enhance the sexual playing field unfolding anew.


My Approaches:

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Adult Attachment Theory), Internal Family Systems Therapy, Discernment Counseling,  Mindfulness-Based Couples Therapy, sex therapy, family therapy, Somatic Experiencing®Soul Musing, and Focusing.