Inspired by my mother’s lifetime immersion with the Tarot, I developed a unique sensitivity for tapping intuitive input about unfolding life stories. For curious clients, I model how to appreciate the imaginal realm of the unconscious, rather than live at its mischievous whim. Rooted in mindfulness and yoga, Spiritual Direction and ritual observance, dance and the expressive arts, the tandem practices of sensory tracking and inner discernment work refine our ability to notice our deepest longings. It also heightens an appreciation for the mundane aspects of everyday life; the most sustainable cure for garden-variety anxiety and depression.

Whether reading Oracle cards or patterns in tea leaves, all divinatory methods harvest information from the body’s intuitive intelligence. Deliberate attention to clients’ expressive gestures, habitual behaviors, or how they receive supportive touch, for example, reveal different aspects of this implicit self popping up for notice. Sometimes, a nonverbal gesture or impulse to move the body is more informative about a client’s lived experience, than anything words can convey.

There are sources of intelligence within us and inspirational forces arising from the objects, people, things and creatures we surround ourselves with. Finding the esthetic inspirations that turn us on, fortifies intuitive wisdom and the mind’s unscripted intelligence. When these two are in sync, our dream life and other channels of creativity are enriched… and the task of living gets easier and more enjoyable.